What tent to buy?


There are numerous things to consider when buying a tent, where to buy it from, what type of tent do you need, what shape and size should you get and it can all get a little confusing. We have put together a list to hopefully answer your questions! Starting with Where to buy your tent?


Where to buy your tent?

Specialist Retailer

The best way to ensure a specialist retailer is reliable with a good reputation is to listen to previous customers reviews and recommendations. High street outdoor shops, such a Blacks, are popular but are not always able to show the tent pitched. It is important to see the tent you want to buy fully-pitched so that you are able to understand the size and height of the tent. Often, if the retailer has a large premises, they will have a range of tents pitched in the showroom or outside.


Buying at an exhibition

Tent exhibitions are a great way to see the latest tents on the market and they will also display a number convectional tents too. Exhibitions are ideal as the tents will be pitched for you to walk around and view. Sometimes you will be able to purchase a show tent at a cheaper price but always make sure you check it is in good condition first.


Buying Online


You will always be able to find a good camping bargain online, especially on site such as eBay and Amazon. But remember to be always be careful when buying from a private seller, make sure you read their reviews and try to buy local so you will be able to view the tent pitched before purchasing.


Local shops & supermarkets

Supermarkets and catalogue shops, such as Argos, will often have cheap camping kits are the start of the season. They are a good buy for those who are first-time campers and just want to check it out but don’t expect them to withstand heavy winds and rainfall as well as the more expensive tents.


Our next article will discuss what you should consider when buying a tent; size, material & standing room.