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What type of tent do I buy?

There are multiple types and shapes of tents that you can buy and the right tent for you will depend on your style of camping.

Pop-Up Tents

Pop-up tents are ideal for festival, taking seconds to pitch all you need to do is throw it out and peg it down. They’re also a great idea for children who want to camp out in the garden for the night, there’s no hassle and saves time. They are handy for using as storage or a small extra tent when on a camping holiday.

Mountain/Backpacking tents

These tents are smaller in size to minimise the weight and pack size making them ideal to carry them with your backpack. They are designed to resist wind providing rigid stability in open areas for those who enjoy wild camping!

Festival Tents

Festival tents can be found quite cheaply making them a great choice for first time campers or those just wanting to go away for a couple of nights. When picking your tent allow extra room for your stuff, e.g. if 2 of you are sleeping in it choose a 3-man or 3-berth tent. It is a good idea to look for a tent with a built in porch due to our unpredictable weather! The porch provides a dry are for your shoes so they don’t have to be left in the sleeping area.

Family Tents

Family tents come in a range of sizes, 3-10-berth and they’re usually spacious with multiple bedrooms and a living area. Family tents are extremely popular because their size and extra room make for a more comfortable holiday. You’re able to buy full-height dome tents and tunnel tents so you and your family have room to stand up and walk around.

Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are the latest tents on the market and they are becoming more and more popular with campers. They’re easier to pitch than the standard due to their inflatable beams replacing standard steel or fiberglass poles. The inflatable beams are filled easily with a pump, the beams become rigid and keep the tent stable just like standard poles would. These tents can be pitched within minutes! Great for those who enjoy the advantages of a pop-up tent but need more space.

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