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Anglesey is an island surrounded by the Sea, so being aware of the marine code is vital. The code has been put into place to set out sensible guidelines to minimise the disturbance to wildlife and to ensure that UK laws protecting wildlife are not broken.

Important marine code points:

  • Always stay at least 100 metres away from any seabird colonies, rafting seabirds and marine mammals.
  • If you are lucky enough to spot any marine mammals and birds at sea or seals and seabirds on the shore/cliffs, then admire them but do not stay for longer than 10 minutes.
  • If an animal’s behaviour changes whilst you are near it then please move away quietly. 
  • Do not enter any sea caves, or areas where seals or seabirds are present.
  • If controlling a Jet ski or Speedboat, then please ensure that you proceed at no more than 5 knots whilst you are within 300 metres of the bay.
  • Please operate all boats with care and attention for the safety of the occupants and respect all other sea users.

The marine code applies to all water users – if you see a disturbance then please contact the North Wales Police on 101.

If on the water or the shore and you spot an emergency, then please call the Coastguard on 999.