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With the prospect of another heatwave this week, our wish is that all of our customers and visitors enjoy the warm weather whilst ensuring that you keep safe. Here are a few points to remember:

Drink plenty – it is very important to ensure that you remain hydrated

Take breaks from any activity – heat can tire you can out quickly, even if you are normally very active

Know location of First Aid – any delay in receiving treatment for heatstroke or other heat related issues can be critical

Supervision of children under 16 – children, especially young children, need to be watched carefully and not let out in the sun for too long

Know where areas of shade are – if you begin to feel unwell, take cover in the shade and ask for help

Sun Protection – apply sun-screen liberally and reapply every two to three hours and after swimming.

black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses on beach sand

Most importantly, we hope that you all enjoy the sunshine and have a wonderful summer at Bodafon Group Holiday Parks.